Unlike many marketing materials which have a short life, your logo will be with you for a long time and used across many applications. It should be timeless, memorable and help differentiate your business.

Why do logos matter?

Symbols and logos are everywhere, embedded in our culture and way of life. They influence our decisions and communicate meaningful messages and values. When we see the Apple logo somehow it conveys a lot more than just “computer” or “phone” – things like prestige, cutting edge design, and innovation. The simple apple logo symbolizes so much more because of all the experiences we’ve had with the company and products over the years. Meaning develops over time based on those perceptions and experiences.

What’s the purpose of a logo?

The primary role of a logo is to identify…Trends come and go, design techniques will evolve, and what we perceive a logo to be may even drastically change with time, but forevermore the most important goal of a logo will be – to identify the person, product, business or service that it represents.

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