Travelers Insurance

Spot-the-Risk games on

Travelers Insurance is one of the nation’s largest property casualty insurance companies with a strong brand history (160+ yrs in business). Plus there’s the iconic red umbrella.


Travelers’ print and commercial advertising was strong, but online advertising needed some love. We had an opportunity to use ad space and had a good budget to boot! The challenge was to do something more interesting than re-using a TV commercial. I wanted to take advantage of the interactive space in a way that didn’t feel like an afterthought. How could we make those annoying commercial breaks as painless as possible, and provide something fun to pass the time?


I created a series of 3 interactive games that challenge the viewer to spot all things about to go wrong in the Where’s Waldo-eque scenes. The games are fun and loaded with little surprises— and somehow juggling chainsaws got past the team of lawyers—a feat! I still love these: a project that at first glance appeared to be ho-hum turned out to be one of my favorites. And, as a result, Travelers had something that engaged their audience, enlarged their online brand, and hopefully made some folks laugh.

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Art Direction
Production & Team Management


Agency: Fallon
Copywriter: Anna Stassen
Illustrator: Andrew Rae
Creative directors: Scott O’Leary, Ryan Peck
Production: Banner Palooza